Mom Hack: Momsicles a.k.a. my breast milk in an ice cube tray with pacifiers

Are all babies particular when it comes to their pacifiers? I swore I wasn’t going to be the Mom whose kid always had a pacifier in their mouth, but that, like almost every other preconceived idea that I had about parenting before actually becoming a parent, flew out the window within the first few weeks. When Paloma denied pacifier after pacifier, I was delighted. My baby didn’t need a pacifier. She rejected the adorable MAM paci with a bunny on the front and the little round, cutesy Avent pacifiers and every as well as every other pacifier that made its way into our home. And then I gave her the cheap looking, ugly Nuk binky that came from a registry bag and well, that was it for her. I still hate this pacifier for many reasons other than its lack of asthetics, but it is still the only one she will take at 4 months old. So in all of our S.O.S. places around the house, you will find a “Cutie Girl” sucker waiting to deliver us from meltdowns.

I’ve saved all of the failed pacifiers in a mason jar in the kitchen. I probably could have returned them, but while I am cheap, I’m not that cheap (but I’ve definitely considered it). We recently started teething, and I’ve noticed P really enjoys the cooling relief of the Munchkin Ice Heart Teether. So…insert momsicles! What better way to soothe her sore gums than using our collection of unused pacifiers and breastmik to make paci pops? And you know what?  She LOVES them! For anyone not familiar, they are incredibly easy to make. Pour freshly expressed breast milk (you could also use formula) into an ice cube tray, and insert a pacifier upside down. Let these sit in the freezer for a few hours, and you’re all set! It’s a cheap and easy way to bring your little ones comfort and relief.

Do you have any teething hacks?

My girl enjoying a momsicle along with her avocado.