Review: Munchkin White Hot Duck Tub

With our first big trip as a family of three just two weeks away, I’ve been researching baby gear to help make our travels smooth. I’ve been a big fan of the Puj Flyte since Paloma was born, but now that she is over fifteen pounds, it was time to find a transition bathtub that could be used for both home and travel. I decided to go with the Munchkin White Hot Duck Tub because at $12, I wouldn’t have been heartbroken if it didn’t work out.  

I wanted to test the tub before throwing it into my suitcase. Inflating it without a pump was certainly tiring but not impossible.   It fit into my bathtub easily, but it was a little challenging to angle underneath the water flow. I had to awkwardly prop it up to get the water inside but again, it wasn’t impossible. I really liked that the tub has Munchkin’s White Hot technology built in, but I still did a quick check before putting Paloma in.

At almost 5 months old, Paloma isn’t completely sitting up but she is pretty close. Munchkin claims that the tub is non-slip, but when I pulled away to take a picture, she quicklu started to slide. I was able to prop her up a little better by sticking a towel inside of the tub with her. 

I found the drain on the bottom very easy and convenient. When bath time was over, I hung the tub on the wall overnight to dry. The next day, It was easy to deflate and relatively easy to fold compact.
For $12, I feel like this was a really good purchase and an affordable option for transitioning Paloma to the big tub. I anticipate that we will get a ton of usage out of this tub in our home and on the road.


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